Meze in Lewes

COLD MEZE (Starters) All served with bread

CRUDITÉS (vg) (gf) Fresh-cut carrot, celery and cucumber, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. £2.95

OLIVES (vg) (gf) A selection of hand picked olives. £4.95

HUMMUS (vg) (gf) Pureed chickpeas with tahini, (sesame seed oil) garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. £5.95

TARAMASALATA Crushed north Atlantic lumpfish roe mixed with breadcrumbs, lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil. £5.95

TZATZIKI (v) (gf) Creamy yogurt with finely diced cucumbers, pureed garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs. £5.95

STUFFED VINE LEAVES (vg) (gf) Vine leaves wrapped with steamed rice, dill, cinnamon, black currants and pine nuts. £5.95

TABBOULEH (vg) Parsley, fresh mint, spring onions and finely diced cherry tomatoes. £5.95

SHAKSHUKA (vg) (gf) Deep fried cubes of aubergines and peppers in a rich tomato sauce. £6.95

BABA GHANOUSH (vg) (gf) Charred aubergines skinned & blended with tahini (sesame seed oil), creamy yogurt, lemon garlic & olive oil. £6.95

EZME SALAD (vg) (gf) Sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions & parsley seasoned with olive oil, pomegranate sauce, sumac & lemon juice. £6.95

COLD MIXED MEZE Houmus, Tzatziki, Baba Ghanoush, Ezme Salad, and Olives £19.95

COMBO MEZE Choose a selection of 3 mezes served as full sized portions. £17.95

HOT MEZE (Starters) All served with bread

HALLOUMI (v) (gf) Halloumi cheese grilled to perfection and drizzled with balsamic glaze. £6.95

TURKISH SAUSAGE (gf) Two skewers of spicy Turkish sausage grilled to perfection. £6.95

STUFFED FILO PASTRY (v) Tubes of pastry filled with feta cheese & mint, deep fried with a crispy outside & creamy inside served with sweet chili dip. £6.95

MUSHROOM SAUTÉ (v) (gf) Baby button mushrooms in cream and garlic sauce topped with oozing chedar cheese. £6.95

FALAFEL (vg) (gf) Little balls of grounded chickpeas and broad beans with fresh herbs and vegetables served on a bed of humus. £6.95

GRILLED KOFTA (gf) Spiced flat meat balls. £6.95

COURGETTE FRITTERS (v) Deep fried mini courgette balls with carrots, feta cheese & egg topped with creamy yogurt and a drizzle of tomato sauce. £7.95

CHICKEN LIVER (gf) Chicken liver sauteed with chili flakes, oregano, butter and cumin. £7.95

STUFFED AUBERGINE (v) (gf) Halved aubergines fried to a soft texture & stuffed with sauteed onions, peppers, garlic & tomato sauce topped with feta cheese. £7.95

DEEP FRIED BRIE (v) Wedges of brie coated in bread crumbs & deep fried until crispy, served with cranberry sauce. £7.95

CALAMARI Deep fried squid rings covered in breadcrumbs served with tangy tartar sauce. £8.45

KING PRAWNS (gf) Butterflied king prawns cooked in sweet and chilli sauce and garlic. £8.95

HOT MIX MEZE Halloumi, Turkish Sausage, Falaffel, Stuffed Filo Pastry and Calamari. £20.95

COMBO MEZE Choose a selection of 3 mezes served as full sized portions. £20.95

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