Our story

Here at Zorba Meze Grill, we love making people happy by serving fresh, high-quality food. Ever since we opened our first restaurant in 2017, we have been proudly preparing our authentic Turkish cuisine to be shared by friends and families.

Freshly prepared cuisine

We are passionate about the food we make. That’s why we prepare everything from scratch, using ingredients from quality suppliers on a daily basis in our kitchen. Making food that is healthy matters to us, and we understand how different ingredients are beneficial for your body. Humans have cooked food over charcoal for thousands of years. We keep this tradition alive, grilling fresh ingredients within our restaurants to achieve flavoursome results. Our chefs understand how to make the best use of every ingredient, producing dishes that are both exciting and good for you.

Speak to the Zorba team

Call 01892 530051 (Tunbridge Wells) | 01273 479900 (Lewes), or complete our online form and a member of our team will be happy to help you.


Authentic décor

Our open plan kitchen means that you can see your food being prepared, and this adds to the authentic atmosphere we have created in our restaurants. We have carefully designed our restaurants to create an environment that brings the feeling of a Turkish holiday to you. When you dine at Zorba Meze Grill, you will find yourself sitting back in your chair and enjoying every element of your meal.

Family feel

We are an independent family-run business, and you will appreciate this through the warm service you receive. All of our staff share our positive ethos. We make sure to find top-quality chefs, many of whom learned their trade in Turkey, and our personable waiting staff always ensure that each individual is met with a smile. You will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience when you visit us.

Contact us

Visit one of our restaurants to experience the unbelievable atmosphere created by our open kitchen, stunning décor, and delicious food. Contact us by calling 01892 530051 in Tunbridge Wells, or 01273 479900 in Lewes.