Baklava A delicious, flaky dessert made with thin sheets of dough soaked in honey and layered with nuts £6.50

Groduria Frutti di Bosco Traditional “Bavarese” cake with vanilla and raspberry chantilly cream glazed with raspberry puree, decorated with mixed berries, all sitting on a biscuit base £6.50

Banoffee Tart Sweet pastry case filled with sliced bananas, toffee sauce, banana flavoured cream & decorated with milk chocolate
shavings £6.50

Manhattan Stack A light chocolate sponge base smothered with rich dark chocolate truffle & soft toffee centre, topped with vanilla cream, a cream filled profiterole, gold caramel glaze & chocolate plaque drizzled with white chocolate £6.50

Tarta Fantastica Vanilla & caramel ice cream, decorated with toffee coated chocolate balls, almond coated toffee pieces with caramel ripple, sprayed & bottom coated with chocolate £6.50


Tartufo Scuro Truffle shaped zabaione and chocolate ice cream with a chocolate sauce centre £4.95

Tartufo Bianco Coffee ice cream centre surrounded by custard ice cream and covered with crushed meringue pieces £4.95

Tartufo Limoncello A handmade masterpiece! Refreshing lemon gelato filled with the typical Limoncello liquor made with lemons from the Amalfi coast £4.95

Lemon Sorbet A whole natural lemon skin, filled with zingy lemon sorbet £6.50

Orange Sorbet Orange sorbet in a real orange fruit shell £6.50


Mango & Passionfruit Mousse Cake (Ve) A gluten free biscuit base with a mango infused mousse cake filling topped with passion fruit puree and seeds £6.50


Punky Kids Dessert Vanilla ice cream in a novelty souvenir toy £4.95


White Americano £2.95

Black Americano £2.95

Flat White £2.95

Latte £2.95

Cappuccino £2.95

Single Espresso £2.95

Double Espresso £3.45

Turkish Coffee £3.45

English Breakfast Tea £2.95

Earl Grey Tea £2.95

Peppermint Tea £3.25

Fresh Mint Tea £3.25

Green Tea £3.25


Irish Coffee £6.95

Baileys Coffee £6.95

French Coffee £6.95

Calypso Coffee £6.95


100 ml / Bottle

Sauternes Dulong (France) £7.45 / £34.00

Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Pajzos (Hungary) / £60.00

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